My new law firm!

My new law firm is named Christensen Law, LLC, and I am thrilled to announce that I am the founder and first employee.

I have worked with many of you in the past, either as clients or colleagues, and I hope to do so again.  My firm will be assisting with labor negotiations and providing advice and counsel regarding labor law, employment law, trade secrets and restrictive covenants, and general commercial litigation.  We will also be providing training on ways to better take advantage of your collective bargaining agreement, discipline (for supervisors) and union avoidance.

My rates are extremely competitive, especially compared to when I was working for a large law firm, but you'll still get the same great service and advice!  I can offer these rates because I don't need to put fancy artwork on the walls - my kids have offered to provide all the artwork that I need for one low low price of a box of cookies.

I am also offering, to my initial clients, a cap on travel costs of $250 each way.  That includes the cost of the flight/train as well as travel time to anywhere in the continental US.  If the cost of the flight is less than $250, you'll pay the lower amount, of course.

I am very excited about this new venture, and I look forward to working with all of you in the future!


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